GRid 70 Internet (or lack thereof)

The people at Momentum gave us office space at GRid 70 on Ionia Ave. and it’s a combination of a workspace with multiple tables and a conference room and a cafe with its own coffee machine, mini-fridge, sink, toaster, microwave, etc. It’s supposed to have wireless internet too but that’s been a chronic issue since we first started using the place.I can connect, then I can’t, then the guy next to me can but I can’t, then nobody can, then we’re all on for a half hour, etc. On day one there were five teams and some of the Momentum staff, but today we’re the only team using the building since two of the other teams that showed up left due to internet instability (The Converati team is currently in Ann Arbor so that doesn’t count). The Booker team mentioned they were going to a Grand Rapids version of Ann Arbor’s Workantile, a “collaborative workspace blah blah blah” and we could join them if we want. We decided to stick around at GRid 70 since most of us were able to connect and half the team is working on things that don’t need internet. The IT people said they’d have a solution by Friday so we’ll see what happens.


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