We’ve been scheduling interviews for applications to the FoodCircles team and my way of interviewing people is different from what Jon has been doing, though that’s not surprising considering that we’ve never coordinated with each other. I asked Mr. Google what I should ask the interviewees and after weeding out the questions that were redundant, stupid, off-topic, or just generally something I wouldn’t like someone to ask  me, I came up with a list of 20 that I could interchange with each other. Jon, on the other hand, consulted some of the guys in his network of organized crime and they provided questions for him.<!–more–>When I was living at home in Highland I interviewed three people via Skype while sitting in my basement on my grandma’s couch, but now that I’m living in Grand Rapids we have an office space with its own conference room, display screen, dry erase boards, etc. so it feels more like we’re a business hoping to find new candidates and less like me sitting in the basement and talking to people 40 miles away while petting my cat. Our first batch of interviewees were from the Grand Rapids area so they were able to travel to the office in person. Only one candidate was in Ann Arbor and we did the call by Skype, but she was applying for a position that will operate in AA so even thinking about making her travel all the way out here was beyond dumb. We interviewed a GVSU student who wanted to do back-end web design and Jon asked a lot of questions that would make me consider whether or not this was the right job for me. We have a few more interviews lined up and hopefully we’ll find the people we’re looking for by the end of May.


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