The Tastes of Chapel Hill

I’ve been in North Carolina the past couple days visiting with a couple good friends of mine. While I was here I managed to grab a taste of Chapel Hill and quite enjoyed what they had to offer. The mexican food in the area is authentic and crazy good. One place that we went to we liked so much that we trekked back to it the next day.
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Who We Are

Stephen Pastorek was born on Friday, April 1st, 1988 and has lived the majority of his life in a two story house on a five acre plot in rural Michigan. He grew up with the typical experience of a 90’s kid; 8 and 16-bit video game systems, Pokemon, cartoons that pushed the limit of innuendos, Legos, variations of Pepsi that no longer exist, “Favorite food: Pizza”, no internet, referring to my bicycle as my “ride”, and so on. His parents frequently take them on camping trips and he still visits his relatives in Texas or California every other year with his mother.


"Experience Michigan" (Dunes)

Jonathan Kumar studied Informatics at the University of Michigan with two minors. His dream, the last 32 months, has been to attend the National Buffalo Wing Festival.  Jonathan has met a ghost, almost drowned, been eaten alive, and gotten lost in on mountain railway system in past experiences to India. His claim to fame is a crude YouTube video selected to air on “MTV’s Pranked!“. He is unique in possessing hands soft enough and arm strong enough to launch an egg over 120ft in height and catch it without a crack.

David Wang is a future graduate in 2012 from the University of Michigan with a dual major in Japanese and Computer Science. He is currently interning at ArborMoon as a software developer and is the back-end web technician for FoodCircles working with Alex and Aman on making FoodCircles doesn’t have any digital nuclear meltdowns (or at least find someone to blame when they happen).

Alex Roemer is currently in orbit around planet Awesome and is being held aloft with the perpetual energy of the Innomotion Hat. He is a GVSU student studying Computer Engineering and has built many different projects with his treehouse friends, although the treehouse no longer exists due to sudden tree explosion. He is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and seems to know way too much about restaurants in the Grand Rapids area to not be a robot from the future. He knows how to work with Facebook’s app developer API and built the FoodCircles GR app.

Aman Parnami is a front end web developer who engages in daily battles with Jonathan over who has the craziest hair and although neither side has claimed victory both continue to battle valiantly. He lives in Mumbai, India, so whenever the FoodCircles team wants to send information it takes a long time; if something is sent from Michigan at 11:00 am it gets to Aman at 8:30 pm!

Sweet and Savory Taste of Rajasthan

Jaipur, popularly known as Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan famous for it’s delicacies and warm welcome (“Ram Ram Sa” is the welcome phrase in Rajasthani). In the fast modernizing city of Jaipur Choki Dhanni, a resort cum village cum restaurant, preserves the root culture of Rajasthan and is a must visit for tourists.

In Choki Dhanni you can startle your taste buds with Gol Gappe, Tikki Chole and Chana Jor Garam to snack before dinner and Jal Jeera, an appetizer, to drink. Looking for something to take off the heat? Chuski and Matka Kulfi, indigenous ice dish and ice creams, are a perfect way to do that. Continue reading

A Silver Lining

Everyone likes to go out to eat, especially hoping that they can get some sort of deal that is always an added bonus. But going out to a restaurant you like AND getting a coupon is probably less likely. I can remember this one time, my parents, siblings, and I went out to dinner but my dad thought it would be clever and what he calls a “steal” if you can get a super bonus (Yes, we are one of those families that keeps the punch cards at restaurants and make sure to bring them back for the extra punches). So he went on to Groupon and saw that we could go eat at a local restaurant called Salt N’ Pepper, which was fairly new, within the last few months or so, and it was supposedly this great deal. I really didn’t want to go there myself because my ex-girlfriend was working as a new waitress and really didn’t want her to have the chance to be my waitress…who wants to tip their old girlfriend?
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Building and Selling in Grand Rapids

After being released from our seed accelerator, things have definitely ratcheted up a notch. Unsure of our future, our team, or even our beds, there was nothing to do but to put my nose to the grindstone. We folded up all the technology, every assumption, put them into black bags labeled “tbd” and loaded them into the cellar. We printed out a simple mockup of a dumbed down theoretical Facebook app. We thought it tested somethingContinue reading

My Yard: The Food Disposal

I live on a 5-acre plot surrounded by grass, trees, rocks, etc and I have the good fortune of being able to toss any organic waste (watermelon rinds, chicken bones, old bread, etc) into the woods and within a few days some critters will come along to take care of it. We raise racing pigeons and we frisbee slices of bread out on the lawn to attract crows because that apparently drives away the hawks, which eat pigeons. After a few hours of the bread sitting there we’ll hear the noisy ruckus of a bunch of crows swooping down.
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The Viewpoint of a Server

Going out to eat can be a wonderful experience. The atmosphere, the food, and the service can shape an evening into a pleasant, memorable meal, or a displeasing, uncomfortable event. The diners however, are not the only ones that are influenced by what is around them. Servers, although often working in the background of one’s dining experience, there to serve and make sure that the customer is happy, are influenced by those they serve, just as the customers are by the servers.
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Restaurants in Ann Arbor

I recently got an internship in downtown Ann Arbor. As anyone who frequents downtown Ann Arbor knows, there are a ton of restaurants around the Main Street area. Japanese, Seafood, Mexican, and good old burgers await anyone who wants to sit down and grab a bite to eat. Here in Ann Arbor, restaurants are landmarks. But today, I’m not going to be talking about restaurants. There won’t be descriptions of which restaurant has the best service, or which one has the best brews on tap. Today will be about an alternate way to get lunch and enjoy the wonderful weather we’re having. Today will be about food carts.

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