Restaurants in Ann Arbor

I recently got an internship in downtown Ann Arbor. As anyone who frequents downtown Ann Arbor knows, there are a ton of restaurants around the Main Street area. Japanese, Seafood, Mexican, and good old burgers await anyone who wants to sit down and grab a bite to eat. Here in Ann Arbor, restaurants are landmarks. But today, I’m not going to be talking about restaurants. There won’t be descriptions of which restaurant has the best service, or which one has the best brews on tap. Today will be about an alternate way to get lunch and enjoy the wonderful weather we’re having. Today will be about food carts.

Mark’s Carts just opened last month, and I’ve become a regular. It’s located on Washington Street, between Ashley and 1st. It’s basically a small plaza that houses about 6 carts, give or take depending on the time of day and day of week (Not all carts are open at the same time). Since these are food carts, their hours of operation are also at the whim of the weather. This will spell disaster for your plans to visit Mark’s Carts in the winter, but if you’re downtown during lunchtime on a nice summer day, definitely take a look. Having multiple carts means that there’s bound to be something you’ll like.

I’ve personally eaten at Darcy’s Cart, eat, Humble Hogs, and San Street. Darcy’s Cart boasts locally-sourced street food, as well as a kimchi-filled breakfast burrito for the adventurous eat had some interesting takes on burgers. I tried their slider sampler to get a taste of all three.  Their homemade chips are also delicious. Humble Hogs had an amazing pork belly braise. Served on a slice of Zingerman’s Pullman toast, it definitely left me wanting more. San Street is special for me, as I’m quite partial to Asian foods. They have a selection of two kinds of buns: roasted pork, and mushroom. The pork bun was amazing, and their scallion ginger sauce is genius. Don’t shy away from the mushroom bun, though, they use top-flight mushrooms a spicy mayo sauce similar to the kind found on spicy sushi rolls.

During the semester, I frequent the hot dog carts placed in strategic locations around campus, but that’s all they sell, is hot dogs. I’d much rather spend my money on locally-sourced and absolutely mouth-watering food from Mark’s Carts. Granted, financially-challenged college students are more keen on spending less money on cheaper food, but I believe everyone should at least browse around the carts. Perhaps you’ll find something you’ll like as well.


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