The Viewpoint of a Server

Going out to eat can be a wonderful experience. The atmosphere, the food, and the service can shape an evening into a pleasant, memorable meal, or a displeasing, uncomfortable event. The diners however, are not the only ones that are influenced by what is around them. Servers, although often working in the background of one’s dining experience, there to serve and make sure that the customer is happy, are influenced by those they serve, just as the customers are by the servers.

Coming from the point of view from server, they days can be long and tiring, running back and forth from the kitchen to the floor, delivering food, checks, and doggy bags. Servers, like diners, also have to deal with both pleasant and unpleasant people, but it is the pleasant people that have more of an influence on the server then the unpleasant. Serving a grumpy, rude table happens all the time, and it is unfortunate, but the server just keeps a smile on his face and pushes on through, knowing there will always be another ungrateful table to be severed. Serving an unusually pleasant table, those who will talk to the server as though they are an equal, with light humor and small talk can change a server’s mood entirely. I was serving lunch at the local restaurant I work at the other day and a family of three came in and they had the most wonderful attitudes. They smiled and laughed with each other, they talked to me about the food, the weather, they joked and conversed. They were genuinely happy people, happy to be together, happy to be eating at the restaurant. Just being around their positive attitudes made me so happy myself I wanted to hug them, I wanted to sit down and eat with them. They asked for dessert to share and I couldn’t help but make their brownie sundae twice as big as we are expected to, just because I wanted to contribute to their happiness. So, just remember, next time you are out to eat, just being happy may get you an extra big brownie sundae.


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