A Silver Lining

Everyone likes to go out to eat, especially hoping that they can get some sort of deal that is always an added bonus. But going out to a restaurant you like AND getting a coupon is probably less likely. I can remember this one time, my parents, siblings, and I went out to dinner but my dad thought it would be clever and what he calls a “steal” if you can get a super bonus (Yes, we are one of those families that keeps the punch cards at restaurants and make sure to bring them back for the extra punches). So he went on to Groupon and saw that we could go eat at a local restaurant called Salt N’ Pepper, which was fairly new, within the last few months or so, and it was supposedly this great deal. I really didn’t want to go there myself because my ex-girlfriend was working as a new waitress and really didn’t want her to have the chance to be my waitress…who wants to tip their old girlfriend?

Anyway, because I wasn’t paying and my parents didn’t care that I didn’t want to go and because they had this great groupon offer, we go to Salt N’ Pepper anyway. Well when we got there it. was. PACKED! I guess everyone in Holland thought they were just as clever and smart as my dad and had the same groupon to the restaurant. Thinking people might just be there because it was a friday night and it might just be packed, we decided to see what the wait time was because we didnt’ want to waste such a great coupon, we went up there to ask what the wait was. While waiting in a packed entry way everyone was talking about the groupon they got to the restaurant and how they all hoped to be getting to coupon, but everyone was pissed because the offer was not invalid. Most were pissed because they went there and it was no longer available, but out of all that frustration I had a moment of pure pleasure. I see my ex-girlfriend trying to wait on a larger family table and as she brings their order to the back she bumps into another waitress that was carying a tray of drinks and spills them all over this little girl. The girl cries and everyone was trying to apologize, and i couldn’t help but laugh. We didn’t end up eating there and decided to eat elsewhere, but at least I got the last laugh.


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