Sweet and Savory Taste of Rajasthan

Jaipur, popularly known as Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan famous for it’s delicacies and warm welcome (“Ram Ram Sa” is the welcome phrase in Rajasthani). In the fast modernizing city of Jaipur Choki Dhanni, a resort cum village cum restaurant, preserves the root culture of Rajasthan and is a must visit for tourists.

In Choki Dhanni you can startle your taste buds with Gol Gappe, Tikki Chole and Chana Jor Garam to snack before dinner and Jal Jeera, an appetizer, to drink. Looking for something to take off the heat? Chuski and Matka Kulfi, indigenous ice dish and ice creams, are a perfect way to do that.
In the center of the village, filled with activities like Puppet show, Camel ride, Dance performances and many more, there is a restaurant. There are no chairs and you sit on the floor within this mud-walled hall to enjoy a buffet of Rajasthani dishes you are guaranteed to enjoy. Some of my favorites are Dal Baati, Khichdi, Gatte, Kadhi and bajre (pearl millet) ki roti (bread) with unlimited white butter and pickles. You get 3 types of Churma for dessert. End result: overfilled stomach, contented heart and stimulated taste buds.

I shared with you the taste of Rajasthan, India and invite you to experience it first-hand.


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