Who We Are

Stephen Pastorek was born on Friday, April 1st, 1988 and has lived the majority of his life in a two story house on a five acre plot in rural Michigan. He grew up with the typical experience of a 90’s kid; 8 and 16-bit video game systems, Pokemon, cartoons that pushed the limit of innuendos, Legos, variations of Pepsi that no longer exist, “Favorite food: Pizza”, no internet, referring to my bicycle as my “ride”, and so on. His parents frequently take them on camping trips and he still visits his relatives in Texas or California every other year with his mother.


"Experience Michigan" (Dunes)

Jonathan Kumar studied Informatics at the University of Michigan with two minors. His dream, the last 32 months, has been to attend the National Buffalo Wing Festival.  Jonathan has met a ghost, almost drowned, been eaten alive, and gotten lost in on mountain railway system in past experiences to India. His claim to fame is a crude YouTube video selected to air on “MTV’s Pranked!“. He is unique in possessing hands soft enough and arm strong enough to launch an egg over 120ft in height and catch it without a crack.

David Wang is a future graduate in 2012 from the University of Michigan with a dual major in Japanese and Computer Science. He is currently interning at ArborMoon as a software developer and is the back-end web technician for FoodCircles working with Alex and Aman on making FoodCircles doesn’t have any digital nuclear meltdowns (or at least find someone to blame when they happen).

Alex Roemer is currently in orbit around planet Awesome and is being held aloft with the perpetual energy of the Innomotion Hat. He is a GVSU student studying Computer Engineering and has built many different projects with his treehouse friends, although the treehouse no longer exists due to sudden tree explosion. He is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and seems to know way too much about restaurants in the Grand Rapids area to not be a robot from the future. He knows how to work with Facebook’s app developer API and built the FoodCircles GR app.

Aman Parnami is a front end web developer who engages in daily battles with Jonathan over who has the craziest hair and although neither side has claimed victory both continue to battle valiantly. He lives in Mumbai, India, so whenever the FoodCircles team wants to send information it takes a long time; if something is sent from Michigan at 11:00 am it gets to Aman at 8:30 pm!


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