The Tastes of Chapel Hill

I’ve been in North Carolina the past couple days visiting with a couple good friends of mine. While I was here I managed to grab a taste of Chapel Hill and quite enjoyed what they had to offer. The mexican food in the area is authentic and crazy good. One place that we went to we liked so much that we trekked back to it the next day.

I’m not sure how they blend that mix of cheese, chicken  and tortilla to make the perfect quesadilla but two days in a row showed me it was no accident. Soccer was on the big screens up on the wall and everybody in the place screamed when a goal was scored. Some even got up and danced a little. There were definitely some times over the past weekend when I felt we needed FoodCircles. Here we are, a group of four looking to go out to eat, we had no particular place stuck in our mind but we were ready to spend some money. If restaurants could only see us out there I”m sure they’d be willing to offer us a little incentive. Instead we are stuck wandering the commercial wasteland in search of the perfect place. The Mexican place was a standout but we had a couple clunkers too which was the product of not knowing where to go. Overall the scene in NC was good but as always it helps to know where to go. Next time you’re in Chapel Hill I’d recommend Amigo’s on Jones-Ferry Road.


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