You Are What You Read

How can someone be a great leader when they ignore opportunities to learn? This post continues with the FoodCircles Operating Principles, ideas we strive by, and often inspired by Bill Hybels’  book, Axiom. Hybels pointedly states, “Leaders have a responsibility before God to constantly get better, and one of the most reliable ways to do this is.. ”

“ read.  Great leaders read frequently”. The older you get, the more people you might lead, creating a need for knowledge. Leaders in high positions of responsibility tend to neglect the need to read. If you are a serious-minded leader, you will read all you can. Read when you feel like it, read when you don’t. Read the classics, as well as the new releases. Read what interests you, read about something that doesn’t…. Sensing a pattern? We all know the benefits of reading, the problem is actually taking time out of our busy schedules to sit down and actually do it. By reading, we invite new information into our subconscious mind. Although you might not remember everything cover to cover, one day you will be faced with a dilemma that can be solved because of an article you read last week. So grab a book, a comfy spot on the couch and take it one page at a time. Happy Reading!


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