Language Matters

You might notice the pomp and certainty in the language of Apple’s product ads.

All businesses and individuals have “audiences” in some way, shape or form. Not everyone has an audience of thousands, but thanks to social media and the ubiquity of ratings and reviews, everyone is an influence. You have a Facebook or Twitter.  You comment on blog posts.  You complain/rave about some service/experience to friends or family online. You responded to an online movie review? If so, congratulations: you have an audience.

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About Us

About the Meals

For every meal you eat through FoodCircles, a meal is donated to a child who can eat as well. You get to choose whether we buy it through a local partner, or a partner abroad. We take care of the financing, and our partner takes care of the handling (though we like to do both sometimes too). For helping out, you’ll often then get to pick out rewards like free dessert and the like. Our goal is simple; every time someone wants to eat out, give them the option to feed someone else in the process. We’ll start in Grand Rapids, MI.


So a lot of people have been asking me about helping FoodCircles, and of potential job packages. Thought it was finally time to address it here. FoodCircles has been designed, coded, shared with others, and even legally protected by volunteers and pro bono firms. A passion for Buy One Feed One, evidenced by a commitment to work (compensated or not) will always be important to us. We typically only “hire” from within, and so we’ve come up with a great way to test whether FoodCircles can’t live without you, and if you can’t live without FoodCircles. Though this won’t always be the case, we like volunteers, potential employees/contractors/partners to run a 30day race with us to see how much good we can accomplish together. You’ll get all-access to the coolest clubhouse in town, The Factory ($150 value), access to design decisions, guerrilla marketing, and inside stories of a social-good startup, and a heck of a resume addition. After the 30days, we’ll debrief. After debriefing, we’ll agree to either keeping running the race together (and hire you), or shake hands on the best of terms (and give you a stipend for your time). As a young startup, we feel this is the best way to make personnel decisions. I’ve realized they’re some of the most important decisions we can make.

So! What are we looking for?

1. Sales – Connect restaurants to the BOFO movement.  Help them train staff, understand our software, and fill the most tables.

2. Design – Design websites, mobile apps, restaurant materials, even videos! (we use a lot of Balsamiq, as well as Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere)

3. Development – Work hand-in-hand with designers to actually make what they’re just drawing (silly designers..) (we use a lot of HTML5/CSS/JS, and are transitioning from django to RoR on the backend)

4. Marketing – Create billboards, bypass secretaries, interrupt college students, pack mailboxes, and embark on other street adventures to tell literally everyone about our service. *part-time, full-time, intern, and short-term volunteer opportunities available. We’re very inclusive so give us a shout and we’ll buy ya coffee at San Chez, no questions asked. Look forward to getting your email at    

(one of our funner research campaigns)