Our kind of user.

We heard tell of a girl last December, who used FoodCircles to celebrate her birthday at Hopcat.  She rounded up 14 of her closest friends, waited an hour for tables, and checked in with our iPhone app to feed 5 local kids dinner in the process.  She used her birthday not as a way to spoil herself but as a vehicle to serve many others.  But it turns out there was more to her special day.  What follows is an account of the 24th birthday of Rebecca Currey, a self-professed BOFO.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 8.51.57 PM

Rebecca woke up early on an overcast, crummy Saturday before Christmas.  It was her birthday.  As she wandered downstairs, she came to find two early packages under the Christmas tree from her roommates.  One contained a journal.  The other was a heavy sack containing items like granola bars, candy canes, and canned food.  Rather flummoxed, Rebecca peeled open the journal to find 24 “ROKS” (“random acts of kindness”) that her friends would be helping her complete on that rainy day.  That’s when her friends took her house by storm and equipped themselves for the day ahead with flowers, encouragement notes & signs, even an entire turkey dinner.  Here’s the full list of “ROKS” from Rebecca:

“#1 We handed out 60 candy canes throughout the day, with a smile and warm Christmas greetings!
#2  Holding the door open for a woman in a wheelchair
#3 Our friends helped us write about 30 notes of encouragement that we left on peoples cars.
#4 We picked up trash downtown and everywhere we went
#5 Bought coffee for the next person who would come in line
#6 Gave away 10 bus passes to patrons as they were getting ready to pay for their fares
#7 We did some caroling in the bus station before we left “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”
#8 Delivered flowers to two patients at St. Mary’s hospital in the emergency and critical care units
#9 Sticky notes in random places to make people smile
#10 Saw a friend from church and gave her a BIG hug
#11 We handed out about 50 granola bars as we went, mostly to those in line for dinner at Degage Ministries
#12 Made breakfast for our friends
#13 Wrote thank you notes
#14 Delivered anonymous presents to kids
#15 Returned carts in the Duhtler grocery store parking lot
#16 We made and delivered cookies to our neighbors, meeting some that we had never met!
#17 Donated 5 cans of food
#18 Since it was raining we bought an umbrella and gave it to someone who was getting soaked!
#19 Donated a huge box of clothes!
#20 Took pictures with a man that we met downtown, his name was Shawn
#21 We held big, neon signs that had encouraging notes up for people to see as they were driving
#22 Having intentional conversations more then just a “Hey, how are you?”
#23 We made cookies with neighborhood kids and then dropped them off to families in their neighborhoods, while caroling of course!
#24 Gave a frozen turkey dinner to our neighbor!!”

While we weren’t responsible for setting this up (her awesome friends were), it’s this kind of servitude that we champion at FoodCircles, and see every day in our users who repurpose their dining to feed others.  Maybe we can pick a thing or two from this “do-good gang” for our own birthdays in twenty-thirteen.

Read Rebecca’s original post at Currey Chicken.
Grab the iPhone app here. (Android)


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