Who will you spoil on your birthday?

If your birth signals your opportunity to affect the world, why aren’t birth-days more about celebrating that fact instead of serving ourselves cake?

With inspiration from Rebecca Currey & her friends, we wanted to do something different for a recent 24th birthday.  24 “Random Acts of Kindness”, one done for every year of life. What were the random good deeds, ye ask?

Well, first, we created a poll on Reddit asking for public nominations of “kind things to do around town” (public list here).

We then met at my place as a “staging area”, to split up into teams, arrange purchases, write encouragement notes, get some shovels together, etc.

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What is social entrepreneurship?

Jamie Shea, Mission Throttle

You might wonder what’s new in the whole world of people making money.

Do societal problems like hunger and homelessness only exist because no one’s found a way to make money solving it?  Is it always better to take donation dollars you don’t have to pay back vs investments you do?  Is it more advantageous today to be a for-profit or a non-profit when trying to do good?  We sat down with Jamie Shea, Strategic Director at Mission Throttle to ask these and more after the jump.

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