Dripping in red sauce..

We had been out in the wild for 2 weeks combing the brush for hidden treasure. Our search had us worn, ragged, and more than ready for dinner as our guides informed us of our present location. We were out of the city alright, and contemplating our rations for the return trip when they added urgently that there was also a baseball game on. It was already the second inning. We had to move fast.

As the foliage parted and mist cleared around us, we spotted an oasis totally unique from its surroundings. Inviting, unpretentious, luring us in with the rich scents of garlic and basil, it was the hidden gem we’d been searching for, and they had pizza. Awesome pizza. And all kinds of other authentic Italian food. And beer. And sports. It was everything we’d been searching for, and we’d finally found it.

In all actuality, Belmont isn’t even as far from GR as Rockford, and the drive out there isn’t only beautiful and relaxing, but well worth what you’ll find at the end. Three reasons Flo’s Pizzeria and Ristorante is definitely worth the trip:

  • Authentic Sicilian recipes including pastas, sandwiches, salads, pizzas and Stromboli that blow the lid off your average sportsbar menu

  • Your choice between crazy sports action on four 130” screens, or a comfortable, quiet dining area.

  • Pizza so good I’d drive three times as far to get it.

And now they’ve become a “Buy One, Feed One” restaurant.  Every time you enjoy Flo’s, they give to feed a person in need as well.  Fuhgedabout it!

Explore the wild brush of Belmont, go nuts on some desserts and apps, and know your purchase goes to put a meal in front of someone who needs it.

Click below to buy an appetizer or dessert for just a buck.

Buy a Flo’s Special.

ps. the new site is coming. We’ll donate $1-$3 for you for every free redemption for awhile longer.pps. the Pizza Puff, Margherita Dip, and fabulous Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, are particularly delicious..
↑ when ya think pizza, fuggeddaboutit – go to Flo’s.

FoodCircles is a free mobile app that lets you feed a child in need just by eating out. Grab it for Android, for Apple, or use our website. Changes coming soon.


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