She’s like a different person when she gets out of work…

Happy hour,

That coveted time between work life and home life. The time to slow down, turn off corporate-world-domination mode, and just be you. The time to crack jokes and trade stories with friends and colleagues, and not be constantly interrupted by, you know, doing work. Patrick in Accounting becomes Patrick the punk-rocking video game freedom fighter. Carol from HR becomes Carol the dolphin-loving motorcycle-expert cupcake queen. During Happy Hour I’m not Mr. Jonathan-Force-to-be-Reckoned-With, I’m just Kumar. Loosen your tie. Take a breath. Let your hair down.

Be it a random occasion or a practiced after-work ritual, Happy Hour is a state of mind we could all use a little more of. Lucky for you, we found the best place in town.

Head over to LB’s Lounge @ Louis Benton for 3 reasons:

-The lounge was built on the premise of raising money for honest causes.
-Great live music Wed-Sat (like tonight.)
-Terrific burgers, salads, artesian sandwiches and appetizers, plus locally focused beer & martini specials.

Our Buy One, Feed One special gets you an appetizer for every 2 guests and feeds one child in need. So stop by this weekend, have a bite and enjoy the music, and put dinner on the table for someone who needs it.

Click below to buy an appetizer or two for just a buck each.

Buy a $1 Louis Benton Special.

ps. this is the last restaurant before our new, national site. We donate $1-$3 on your behalf until then.

pps. the link doesn’t work on mobile. Use our free app instead if you’re on your smartphone.

ppps. We might never know what it’s like to not eat and try to go to sleep hungry.  All we can do sometimes is love others through everyday actions.


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