Stuff you can learn in 3 minutes that’ll be useful the rest of your life.

1. Have you ever wanted to chill a drink quickly, but you didn’t want it diluted by melting ice?

Use frozen grapes.  If you dislike the sensation of grapes against your lips you can always toss ’em (or eat ’em, if you like).


2. I never knew the right way to eat chicken wings before this.

Click the video to watch on YouTube.  Never order sauced chicken nuggets, er- “boneless buffalo wings” again.


3. Open bananas like monkeys do on the Discovery Channel.

How bananas were meant to be opened.


Feel hungry now? Use our website or free app to pick out a great, local restaurant and put dinner on the table for a child in need.

Need more? Watch how this man eats a watermelon, or check out the original post on Quora. 🙂


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