The Mysterious Disappearance of DoGood

Jason Bornhorst – Founder of DoGood (currently

Jason Bornhorst – Founder of DoGood (currently

The concept is simple; everyone gets a daily act of kindness, they try to do it, then they get to share their experience with others.  The DoGood app (for iPhone and later Android) was launched the summer of ’09 by Jason Bornhorst and a cohort of University of Michigan engineers (Go Blue!).  Within eight months, over half-a-million new good deeds had impacted our world.

Another company, Tonic Inc., lined up to buy DoGood.  They were quoted with intentions of “making it a massive worldwide movement.”  It sounds like a great idea and a simple app.  So where is it?  How come when we google “dogood app” or search on the App Store, we’re not able to download it?

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