The Big Apology

Hey there–

On May 31st, we sent an email detailing that a “simpler to use” app and site would launch shortly- with new restaurants, “increased transparency”, and a “multiplied” amount of children fed through your dining.

Well, it’s July 9th, and I just wanted to say we’re sorry for not launching it in the elapsed time since.


We’ve always believed your appetite is powerful, and can be used to help many people.  We want to help you find the best of local restaurants, get an appetizer or dessert for just $1, and give 100% of your purchase to feed a child in poverty.

But I guess we’re now remembering that we’re still a bunch of kids on a shoestring budget still trying to figure things out.  We promise you this: that Adam, Mike, Mark, Sam, Pablo, and myself are doing our best to provide the easiest way to figure out dinner that goes on to feed the most empty stomachs.


Have any comments/thoughts for us?  Things you hate/love/are confused by?  A verse or word of encouragement, or even a funny joke?  Do tell! (comment below, or use Twitter or Facebook)

On our end, click here to see the fattest of cats, a pocket dog in my shirt, and us jumping off a bridge (no not like that) after a FoodCircles field trip to Indianapolis.

We’ll be back in action in 2-3 weeks time,


P.S. to those who have dined out even once through FoodCircles since our first app came out last year, we’ve got a special surprise for you to make up for the delay.


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