Last Week.


Last Week.

The results are in. Last week, we set a goal to give dinner to 20 children in need; you stepped up and fed FIFTY-TWO.

Together, we are crushing hunger. This week, the goal is 30. Try a delicious dish on our app or to help us get there. #bofo


Your Passion is Evident

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We wanted to feed 15 − you fed 40.
All without spending $1 more than you already planned to.

In tests leading up to the launch of, we expected about 20% of you to pay more than the $1 for a “Buy One, Feed One” dish. Time and time again last week, you’ve proved the number to be 100%. We together have more than conquered last week’s meal goal. Your passion is visible. We’re still in awe of the “extra mile” many of you have walked to help children.

“The food was good but the experience was delicious.”
“Our manager actually joined us and talked to us about it for 7 minutes.”

This part of the review from from our friend Joe, who broke bread at Pietro’s last week. From him and his girlfriend, came one and two dinners for two hungry children, raising the dining experience from good to grand. As we head into the next few weeks towards Thanksgiving, remember that a sense of gratefulness can be best experienced when you give.

Post-Tiramisu :p

Post-Tiramisu :p


All Sold Out venues have one maybe two “Buy One, Feed One” specials this week.



Figure out food– use our trusty map to see #bofo restaurants that fit into your work/home routines, or try our new apps free on Android, iOS, and

Where We’ve Been the Last 9 Months

In 2012, you test-drove an app that helped you feed a hungry child simply by eating out. But we knew the reality wasn’t matching the idea.

With lessons learned, a beautiful new iOS, Android, and Web app are coming at you Monday. 🙂 #bofo