Life of a Sack Supper at Kids Food Basket

Some people ask us about the food we donate to Kids Food Basket. The YouTube video is an awesome story about what happens what happens after you use FoodCircles to eat and select Kids Food Basket at your preferred charity.

Here’s the core problem: Over 33,000+ kids live in poverty in Kent County, and many are not able to play when they want to, or study when they want to because of an empty stomach.

Here’s the solution we came up with:  Use or the Android / iPhone app to get dinner plans. You can buy a local restaurant dish for just $1 or more, and 100% of your purchase will be used to provide these meals.  Every $1 you spend provides one mind-sustaining dinner for a child to take home after school:

  • a sandwich
  • a fruit
  • a serving of vegetables
  • a snack like granola
  • a dessert like a cookie
  • & a drink


We even challenged you to test the food the kids will receive. Check the reviews on it here, here, and HERE.

You might find that when you ask someone, “Do you feel you’re doing enough for others in life?” the answer is often, “No”.  Our app lets you integrate everyday behavior into behavior that makes a difference.


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