(c) Abigail Kumar 2013

We can feed 5,000. We need your help.

A measuring stick for you and me….
The moment you decide to grab food tonight, or perhaps this weekend, you have a chance to truly show love to a child in need. This child is probably someone you’ve never met, and maybe will never meet, but you have the power to right at least one wrong in their life. You’ve given 215 dinners to local children in need plus 168 DAYS of food to malnourished children in Niger, West Africa in just 60 days.

Gotta share our goal of 5000 because we believe in A) having a concrete, ambitious mark to work towards {do ya have one?}, B) you keeping us accountable, and C) because we know “what’s measured, improves“. It just takes you to continue to love those in need and feed 2-4 children per month.



We’ve also updated our Local and West Africa giving profiles.



To reach 5000, we need to introduce bold, new ways of eating well and changing lives:

—new “au courant” restaurants
—get tighter service at restaurants and sharpened donation followup
—send $1 dishes to friends, nominate new causes, even reserve that dish you really want

Sparrow’s Coffee and ROWSTER have also chipped in. Get 10% off or $1 off your coffee just by showing you’ve made a purchase on your app timeline or by downloading the app at the register. Thank you Lori and Stephen.



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