Currey’s Corner: Food Matters


What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had in your life?

“Food matters.”
Think back. Can you remember the most meaningful meal you’ve had in your life?
Was it last Friday night? 🙂 I recently went back home to Alaska. Since coming back to GR, everyone’s been asking, “How was your trip?!” I tell ‘em funny stories, and how I met my very first niece, Grace. How I saw so many people I love, lots of mountains and moose, and said goodbye to my childhood home. But what I don’t say, and don’t really know how to say, is that the majority of my trip simply revolved around a table. Dinners with extended family, potlucks with friends, coffee dates, catching up with grandparents, or just eating a bowl of cereal in the morn. This is where life happens for me. Let me give you an example…

At the peak of a mountain, on a ski date with my Dad, what I thought would be a quick stop for a bite to eat, turned out to be a meal I will remember forever. We were both doing something we loved in skiing and knew we had to grab food at some point. Now, we could have scarfed down a cheap burger and been back on the slopes in 10 minutes. But Dad had something else in mind. He gave me one of the nicest meals of my life. It meant so much to me, and it meant so much to him. We unbuckled our boots, and slowed down to share a meal. The food was amazing, but what I will remember most is the conversation and the love that I felt. We talked about the future, asked good questions, made jokes, and reminisced about good times. And—we still got in 5 more runs in anyway.


Our Goal 2/8—2/14

You more than DOUBLED last week’s goal. We’re in awe. All vouchers back-in-stock now.



An author I’ve had the pleasure to meet is Shauna Niequist, of “Bread and Wine”. In urging attention to the importance of food, she writes, “Food is a language of care, the thing we do when language fails us, when we don’t know what to say, when there are no words TO say… It’s the thing that connects us, that bears our traditions, our sense of home and family, our deepest memories. Food matters.” I agree wholeheartedly.

When I think about the still-new 2014 and what I want it to be a year of, I think of life around the table with old friends, with new friends, with celebration and with consolation, with costumes and in PJ’s. I think of 2014 and I think of making a difference in someone’s life—meeting tangible needs. I love that our app is found at the intersection of these.

So—in the midst of your hustling schedule, when you want to leave your ski boots buckled and scarf down a hamburger in your car on the way to the next run, press pause and remember that food really does matter.


Hi there!

My name is Rebecca Currey and I am an avid food-lover! I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a foodie, because I don’t have a lot of expertise to offer; rather, I am enthralled by the ability of food to bring people together. FoodCircles celebrates this fact and couples it with feeding kids in need. This is a win-win in my book! I am an adventurer who hails from the awesome state of Alaska, pursuing my masters and exploring the great city of Grand Rapids in my free time. I love to laugh, chat over coffee, meet new people and eat food! I have the absolute pleasure of chronicling some of my thoughts about the significance of gathering around a table. So pull up a seat, the table is set and there is a spot just for you —


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