Cherie’s In.

Cherie Inn’s in as a “Buy One, Feed One” establishment.

“The air is cool, and the days are still long.. “
… we find ourselves late in summer where flower has turned to fruit. Berries dot bushes, and the fields ripen — soon, the harvest will be upon us. Many people in our world consider this time as an opportunity to remember the abundance of nature. We remember that we have so much – our basic needs are met. Central to this vision is a fruit plate the Cherie Inn has offered as a new Buy One, Feed One establishment.

The USDA recommends most of you take in two cups of fruit a day. For just $1, you and a friend can now knock that out over a meal at the Cherie Inn. Their heritage and reputation for good food speaks for itself, and appropriately, 100% of your “first fruits” purchase goes to help pass our abundance to children here who need it. Each dollar you spend is one dinner for a child or family locally in Grand Rapids. Click below to feel good and do good this weekend and in September.


Enjoy Fresh Fruit at Cherie Inn


As an aside, Cherie Inn is an unusual standout when it comes to operational efficiency. The proprietor, Michael Kulczyk, states they have not had a sitdown staff meeting in 18 years. And yet your breakfast sandwich makes it to you in less than 15 minutes, with name-by-name service. We’re not sure how they’ve managed to avoid meetings for 6,500+ days and stay as efficient as they have (we’re awaiting a Harvard business review to mine their secrets). Welcome aboard, Cherie Inn.


Getting our USDA-required servings of fruit in.

Coming Soon

Cherie and GRBC are in.
Who’s next? 🙂


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