But which restaurant has the best moves?


Do the BOFO.

There’s a lot of pride and support for local eateries here in Grand Rapids. Now we see why.

Over the last few months, we’ve toured “Buy One, Feed One” restaurants to shoot footage in their natural state of work. This is the result. You’re going to love it.

Ok, maybe there’s less grooving and shaking involved everyday, but these servers are as incredible as their dance moves. Grand Rapids is the only city in the world to have “Buy One, Feed One” establishments, and we’re indebted to their waiters’ and waitresses’ willingness to adopt something new into their already complex jobs. So, here’s one for the servers.

As you go out to grab food with friends over ArtPrize, consider choosing a “Buy One, Feed One” venue. Using our iOS app, Android app, or website, anyone can try a dish at these establishments for $1 or more, and they’ll turn around and give 100% of that to feed hungry children in our community. It’s pretty cool, as are the staffs who love making this possible.

– Jonathan and the FoodCircles team

ps. If you know any of these servers, would you mind sending this video their way?


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