On FoodCircles

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We’ve come to the conclusion that we have created something good. Restaurants, nonprofits and those they serve all benefit when FoodCircles exists. In Grand Rapids, 4,112 diners have signed up for our service (pop. 192,000). However, the way FoodCircles exists is not sustainable. Nonprofits and restaurants need from us more than we can give. We’re evaluating two options:

A) Either we must become a nonprofit ourselves and raise the difference we need to support 1-2 staff per city launched, or B) we must seal up technology to where nonprofits and restaurants can start/sustain “buy one, feed one” movements on their own merit, leaving us out as the middle-man.

We strongly prefer the latter option. Why do we need to be in the picture, when great people like Garry Boyd and Cindy Schneider can work directly with Lisa Sisson and Jenny Jordan instead? But we have some work to do to isolate the problem we’re solving for nonprofits and restaurants and construct a more helpful solution.

We’ve decided to put FoodCircles on temporary hiatus until we conduct enough interviews to know what step to take – route A or B. We’ll pause our apps starting February 1st, granting us valuable time needed to step back and do some interviews.

We’re building a new venture, GiveSafe, as well.

If there’s any thoughts or questions you have along this process, please do let me know.


~ Jonathan and the FoodCircles Team


Adam chokes Jon


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