About We

Yeah, we know “we” doesn’t sound right. Thing is, this isn’t about four or seven people making a website. This is about we together putting dinner on the table for a hungry child by doing something we’re already doing. We could wax poetic about how/when FoodCircles started, but our company is the stories you tell about us, not the story we tell about us. So you tell us – what do the apps and site do for you? How has hunger played a role in your life or in someone you know’s life?

Many of us may not know what it’s like..

So we exist to be a simple way to help one child who does know what it’s like to go days without eating properly. Use the site and apps to get dinner plans, buy a dish for $1 or more, and give 100% of that purchase to feed hungry children. The site can help you make a decision and purchase within 60 seconds.

Each $1 you spend provides mind-sustaining dinner to a child locally. The site will never take a cut of your purchase and works with great distributors such as Kids Food Basket and Feeding America West Michigan. Heck, we even challenged you to taste the meals kids were getting. Read reviews here, here, and HERE!

Basics on redeeming..

Once you make a purchase, you get a text on any cellphone, a smartphone voucher, or an email to print, and all you have to do is show it to the staff of the restaurant. They’ll thank you, place a special placard on your table, and bring you your dish with the rest of your regularly purchased meal. Your hunger is powerful. Do something simple, and yet truly extraordinary with it.



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