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Hunger Matters.

Editor’s note: This was written originally by a friend co-laboring down in Indianapolis, who first posted it to her personal blog. We are grateful she was willing to let us re-share these words with you.

From author: My name is Molly. I am an advocate. For the poor, for my children, and for a faith that is well-represented. Advocacy has taken on many different forms for me over the years. Currently I run a food pantry on the east side of Indianapolis that provides food to over 1,200 families each month. I used to think I was called to serve those living in poverty, but over the past few years I’ve learned that’s just one piece of it. I believe part of my calling is to equip and empower others to do the same.

It is early morning and the sun is just beginning to wake. That first drink of coffee warms my lips, warms my inside. I kiss my children goodbye, the two hour delay leaving them home, snuggled on the couch this bitter January day. I zip my coat, tighten my scarf and head for work. On the radio they talk about subzero temperatures and snow delays, make jokes about how it’s too cold to leave the house even for the kids to go sledding. But when I arrive at the Food Pantry, an hour and a half before we open, I find plenty of people that have already left the house. I find some waiting in their cars, others peering through the windows to see what’s inside. One comes out from around back, probably checking to see if we’ve set anything salvageable out for the trash.

We will serve two hundred families that day. Many will come in under dressed for the weather. Some will wait at the bus stop for a ride. Others will even walk. For many of our families, our waiting room will be the warmest place they sit all day. They will wait patiently with their children for their turn to shop. Wait patiently with their infants. There is an older man that catches my eye. He nearly falls coming up to the counter, tripping over his own feet. He talks to me about his arthritis as he holds up a shaky hand with a cane. Smiles warmly and says, ‘Thank You,’ as he moves slowly toward the shopping carts. I will lose count that day of the number of people that say, ‘Thank You.’

Each person that comes through the pantry line has a story that has brought them to this place of great need. Sometimes the need is so deep and so real that you can see it on them the moment they walk in. There is a heaviness they carry. A certain sadness that hovers over them as they speak. A quiet desperation in their eyes.

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Operation: Turkey Delivery

Op. Turkey Delivery

We don’t have to be thankful for all things. We can, however, be thankful in all things.

Imagine the conversation: “Hey. Don’t worry about preparing ANY food for Thanksgiving this year. We’ve got you covered..”

On Saturday, I contacted the five families that were chosen for a complimentary, gourmet Thanksgiving meal provided by the Gilmore Collection.

Having the experience of giving these families the news felt surreal. The responses were a mix of shock and gratitude, followed by a tremendous sense of happiness and relief about not having to worry about the big meal this Thursday. Here are the redacted versions of the stories:

First Family

[Mom] and [Dad] have two young children. [Oldest daughter] has been battling brain cancer since she was a couple months old. They have to live in their mother’s basement because finances are tight.  [Dad] lost his job this past year because of absenteeism to be with her during treatments.

Second Family

Mom and Dad have adopted >6 kids out of foster care in the past three years. While they do have food in the fridge, it is always an ordeal to cook for a big family. I know that this would bless them substantially, in order to just BE together for a meal, no stress about prepping. Mom suffers from fibromyalgia and it flares up in the winter. They just have a ton on their plate, and are so worth blessing the heck out of.
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“Happy Hour Specials” — Grand Rapids

Daily Specials for your convenience!

Daily Specials for your convenience!

One thing our team recently realized was that there was no concise, readable, site that showcased public Grand Rapids food specials from local restaurants. What we’ve done is start a list that will hopefully be useful for you, the diner, to scan specials by location & day. Want to add something? Email us / comment below. We’ll add it here ASAP.

“BOFO” = Buy One, Feed One. $1+ dish (pay more if you like), 100% donated to charity.



Big O’ Café – $6.99 Express Personal Pizzas: 11am-2pm
B.O.B. – 7.99 Lunch Pizza Buffet: 11:30am-2:00pm
CitySēn Lounge – (BOFO) $1 Dessert
Flanagan’s Irish Pub –
Louis Benton –
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Cherie’s In.

Cherie Inn’s in as a “Buy One, Feed One” establishment.

“The air is cool, and the days are still long.. “
… we find ourselves late in summer where flower has turned to fruit. Berries dot bushes, and the fields ripen — soon, the harvest will be upon us. Many people in our world consider this time as an opportunity to remember the abundance of nature. We remember that we have so much – our basic needs are met. Central to this vision is a fruit plate the Cherie Inn has offered as a new Buy One, Feed One establishment.

The USDA recommends most of you take in two cups of fruit a day. For just $1, you and a friend can now knock that out over a meal at the Cherie Inn. Their heritage and reputation for good food speaks for itself, and appropriately, 100% of your “first fruits” purchase goes to help pass our abundance to children here who need it. Each dollar you spend is one dinner for a child or family locally in Grand Rapids. Click below to feel good and do good this weekend and in September.


Enjoy Fresh Fruit at Cherie Inn


As an aside, Cherie Inn is an unusual standout when it comes to operational efficiency. The proprietor, Michael Kulczyk, states they have not had a sitdown staff meeting in 18 years. And yet your breakfast sandwich makes it to you in less than 15 minutes, with name-by-name service. We’re not sure how they’ve managed to avoid meetings for 6,500+ days and stay as efficient as they have (we’re awaiting a Harvard business review to mine their secrets). Welcome aboard, Cherie Inn.


Getting our USDA-required servings of fruit in.

Coming Soon

Cherie and GRBC are in.
Who’s next? 🙂

Grand Rapids Brewing Co., Welcome Aboard.

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. on FoodCircles

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. is now a “Buy One, Feed One” establishment.

“..One of the friendliest staffs you’ll meet,” one of the coolest spaces downtown, on the cornerstone of the city of Grand Rapids. The gang at 1 Ionia originally collaborated before your parents were born with six other breweries to form the Grand Rapids Brewing Company in 1892. It was oddly similar to hobbits, men, elves and dwarves coming together in Lord of the Rings. With GRBC’s decision to become a “Buy One, Feed One” establishment, the results are just as spectacular.

GRBC now enables anyone, any day to put dinner on the table for a child in need just by coming in to the brewery. You can try an order of Street Tacos for just $1 or more (order = 3 tacos), and 100% of your purchase goes to providing square meals. We’re stoked to let you know about GRBC’s decision to enable us to give today. Click below to buy a 30-day voucher for just $1, or hit up GRBC on the app. There are just 5 left this week.


Buy Dish at GRBC


To practice what we preach, in perhaps the strangest Happy Hour invite ever, we asked a few friends to try GRBC last week and confirmed that the chorizo inside the Street Tacos is the bomb. My bud Stephen also had high praise for the Fried PB&J (that strawberry jam….) and Katie was all about their Scotch Egg (that sausage….). That’s not even to mention the brews, which local snob Stan Samuels gives two thumbs up. In all these experimentations, they were able to provide dinner to 3 children here, via Kids Food Basket.

Sometimes we get bored on Fridays..


Coming Soon

Many restaurants are “going #BOFO” this fall. Can’t wait to show you who.




– Jon and the FoodCircles team