She’s like a different person when she gets out of work…

Happy hour,

That coveted time between work life and home life. The time to slow down, turn off corporate-world-domination mode, and just be you. The time to crack jokes and trade stories with friends and colleagues, and not be constantly interrupted by, you know, doing work. Patrick in Accounting becomes Patrick the punk-rocking video game freedom fighter. Carol from HR becomes Carol the dolphin-loving motorcycle-expert cupcake queen. During Happy Hour I’m not Mr. Jonathan-Force-to-be-Reckoned-With, I’m just Kumar. Loosen your tie. Take a breath. Let your hair down. Continue reading


Dripping in red sauce..

We had been out in the wild for 2 weeks combing the brush for hidden treasure. Our search had us worn, ragged, and more than ready for dinner as our guides informed us of our present location. We were out of the city alright, and contemplating our rations for the return trip when they added urgently that there was also a baseball game on. It was already the second inning. We had to move fast. Continue reading