Hiring a Digital Storyteller


FoodCircles Digital Storyteller

Location: Grand Rapids (remote available)

“Hunger is the greatest pickle.” –Benjamin Franklin



Hannah Mary-Louise, Michigan Storyteller

Grand Rapids MI

231-388-4235 / hml@joinfoodcircles.org



We seek a dynamic candidate ready to jump into an adventure this fall. We’ll be launching a crowdfunder with your help, spending the money to retool our technology, and reintroducing it to Grand Rapids and beyond.


About FoodCircles:

Many of us may not know what it’s like to go without good food for days, or to head to bed on an empty stomach. FoodCircles exists to provide an everyday way to help one person who does. We’ve created a simple mobile app and website that lets you try a “Buy One, Feed One” dish at a restaurant around town, and send 100% of the proceeds to provide nutrition for a local child or family in need. Check it out at http://joinfoodcircles.org.

In the Grand Rapids pilot, over 4,000 diners used the app to provide nourishment to more than 7,500 people. We now aim to equip nonprofit and restaurant communities across the US with the technology so they can create “Buy One, Feed One” movements of their own.


Your part:

The right candidate will help us:

+ launch this campaign to improve and prepare our platform for nationwide use

+ help manage the team & new funding attained in making the needed upgrades

+ introduce the new platform to nonprofit and restaurant communities

What’s involved here is digital marketing and project management. The common trait needed to succeed is people skills. Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it. Send us a cover letter on why you’re a fit for the position this fall and we’ll get back to you right away.

Position based in Grand Rapids and will be part-time to start. In executing the crowdfunding campaign, you’ll have created your wage (we’ve budgeted it into the $10k-$15k we expect to raise).




With 1 out of 5 children still struggling with hunger insecurity in the US, and organizations like United Way in Washington State and Greater Chicago Food Depository struggling to meet the number of families that need support, we believe that our own hunger can be part of the solution. We look forward to meeting you.


Send us an email with a few links to previous work and we’ll get started.



Hannah Mary-Louise, Michigan Storyteller

Grand Rapids MI

231-388-4235 / hml@joinfoodcircles.org





On FoodCircles

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.20.34 PM

We’ve come to the conclusion that we have created something good. Restaurants, nonprofits and those they serve all benefit when FoodCircles exists. In Grand Rapids, 4,112 diners have signed up for our service (pop. 192,000). However, the way FoodCircles exists is not sustainable. Nonprofits and restaurants need from us more than we can give. We’re evaluating two options:

A) Either we must become a nonprofit ourselves and raise the difference we need to support 1-2 staff per city launched, or B) we must seal up technology to where nonprofits and restaurants can start/sustain “buy one, feed one” movements on their own merit, leaving us out as the middle-man.

We strongly prefer the latter option. Why do we need to be in the picture, when great people like Garry Boyd and Cindy Schneider can work directly with Lisa Sisson and Jenny Jordan instead? But we have some work to do to isolate the problem we’re solving for nonprofits and restaurants and construct a more helpful solution.

We’ve decided to put FoodCircles on temporary hiatus until we conduct enough interviews to know what step to take – route A or B. We’ll pause our apps starting February 1st, granting us valuable time needed to step back and do some interviews.

We’re building a new venture, GiveSafe, as well.

If there’s any thoughts or questions you have along this process, please do let me know.


~ Jonathan and the FoodCircles Team


Adam chokes Jon

But which restaurant has the best moves?


Do the BOFO.

There’s a lot of pride and support for local eateries here in Grand Rapids. Now we see why.

Over the last few months, we’ve toured “Buy One, Feed One” restaurants to shoot footage in their natural state of work. This is the result. You’re going to love it.

Ok, maybe there’s less grooving and shaking involved everyday, but these servers are as incredible as their dance moves. Grand Rapids is the only city in the world to have “Buy One, Feed One” establishments, and we’re indebted to their waiters’ and waitresses’ willingness to adopt something new into their already complex jobs. So, here’s one for the servers.

As you go out to grab food with friends over ArtPrize, consider choosing a “Buy One, Feed One” venue. Using our iOS app, Android app, or website, anyone can try a dish at these establishments for $1 or more, and they’ll turn around and give 100% of that to feed hungry children in our community. It’s pretty cool, as are the staffs who love making this possible.

– Jonathan and the FoodCircles team

ps. If you know any of these servers, would you mind sending this video their way?

Where We’ve Been the Last 9 Months

In 2012, you test-drove an app that helped you feed a hungry child simply by eating out. But we knew the reality wasn’t matching the idea.

With lessons learned, a beautiful new iOS, Android, and Web app are coming at you Monday. 🙂 #bofo

READ MORE: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38930645/builds/Where/when.html

We & the Gilmore Collection are serving 4 families dinner during Thanksgiving

We have opened up a nomination form for families in Grand Rapids to receive a special Thanksgiving meal prepared by the Gilmore Collection, a popular group of West Michigan restaurants we work with.

Individuals are encouraged to visit http://foodcircles.net/thanks and nominate families in the area that may not be able to provide a traditional meal during the holiday.  All nominations are confidential, and the selected will not be announced via media nor at the restaurant.  Selected families will be notified Monday, November 19th and can pick one of two Gilmore locations, Red Jet Café or Mangiamo, to enjoy their meal on Thanksgiving, Thursday night.

Over the last year, we’ve funded over 1000 meals for kids through Kids Food Basket and World Vision, but being able to provide a commercially prepared meal to an entire family is extremely special.  We are very appreciative of Gilmore Collection for walking with us in this.

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday November 18th at Midnight EST.